The quest to get on the transplant list.

Am a dialysis patient, for anybody who does not know what that means then I will make it short and sweet. This means that my kidneys are not working, so I need a machine that’s connected to me that cleans my blood. I need to lose about 5 stone to get on the transplant list and my mum is going to be a live donor meaning that she would be giving one of her kidneys to me, when I get on the transplant list. To give myself a bit of push to lose weight I thought it would a good idea to keep track of my weight lose on my site and on my vlog that should be starting at some point in January.

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Small targets are going to be key to getting to my big goal 2018 and that’s getting my weight low as possibly so that I can get on the transplant list, but also am doing this to be more of a happier person. In the past when I have lost weight I got a lot happier and more energy and dialysis drains a lot of energy out of me. In the past I mainly just counted my calories and watched what I was burning out, I will still be doing that but also trying out a few new things out, for example I will keeping track of my intake of food on a food diary and trying out wearable weights.

Starting weight: 137.4 (21.6 stone)
target weight: 100.0/(15.7 stone) or near to it as possible,

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